Knight's Store on etsy

My great grandfather, D.T. Knight, bought the Balsam Store at the turn of the century, which was renamed Knight's Store and passed on to my grandfather George Knight then to my uncle.

Since the store is no longer in operation, I decided to re-open an online version on etsy specializing in my own handmade linens, wood boxes, and occasional antiques I come across. I also accept made-to-order requests. Please visit Knight's Store on etsy. 

Knight's Store

American country-store style featuring handmade items including vintage-style aprons, unique table runners, tea towels, shopping totes, decorative wooden boxes and more.


  1. Hi Anita - I just met you tonight at the Balsam community center. so glad you told me about your blog!I like the photo of the pink lily and old phone! Are you a photographer as well as your husband?

    Maria Cochrane

    1. Hi Maria! It was so nice to meet you both! Welcome to Balsam:-) No, neither one of us are really photographers. I work at it, and Luis has found himself doing videos, etc. out of necessity, but loves it. We are really musicians but enjoy other artistic endeavours too.

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  • Hi, Anita. I am sorry I sent you a request to delete a pic that is on your penterest site. I did not know that you were the daughter of Illa. I sent requests to a bunch of people who are using that pic as their own, I did not mean to offend you.

  • I believe I remember going to Knights store in the mid 50's with my parents when we stayed at what was named Balsam Lodge. I have a picture of me and my parents sitting on some steps with a sign behind us that says Balsam Lodge. It does not look like the front of Balsam Mountain Inn as it is today but I do remember going to a store at the bottom of the hill and crossing railroad tracks. I have been trying to find out if there was ever another hotel up around there called Balsam Lodge in the 1950s.I sure would appreciate any help on this to my email address I visit Balsam as much as I can from Lillington, NC to get what I call my "mountain fix".