Thursday, March 22, 2018

Groovy, global spring home tour

Yes. I went there -- groovy, ha!  I've been seriously nostalgic about my 1970s childhood lately and felt like bringing some of the warmth I remember into my home this spring, and Marty's tour was just the perfect opportunity to share that with you all. If you're coming from Alicia's beautifully serene home at Thrifty and Chic, I'm so happy to have you here. Just be prepared for a color shockšŸ˜‰

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First, though, I always like to give a little background for anyone who is new here so, hopefully, things all make sense. If you are a faithful reader, skip on aheadšŸ™‚

My Puerto Rican husband and I, along with our children, live here in the mountains of North Carolina on property that has been in my family for five generations. It started as a pheasant farm, then my great grandfather came up from Hypoluxo, Fla., and bought the property, complete with gorgeous victorian farmhouse and several other buildings, to be his summer home. 

My grandmother visited on a break from her boarding school, met and fell in love with my Virginia-bred grandfather, and the rest is history.  My grandparents tore down the old house in 1960 to build a new mid-century modern house, which my parents live in now, but my resourceful grandfather bundled and stored all the wood -- from windows, stair treads and doors to wormy chestnut trim, all of which we have been slowly incorporating into our house. I like to think he did it just for me:-)

My style -- well, it's a mix of bohemian, global, vintage and eclectic. I've traveled around the world collecting unique things at every stop, and I like to use things I find on the property, at antique shops, thrift stores, my mother's attic, and just about anywhere that I can find the real deal and not a cheap copy. I care about the environment, and by using things I have, can make or are old, I hope to inspire others to do the same. I'm not a "big box decor store" designer and love things that are authentic and natural. I will use anything I find outside -- except poison oak. And kudzu.

Enough about that -- come on in for a tour friends! As I said, I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements I loved and remember from growing up in the 1970s -- you know -- avocado green, harvest gold and shag? Those things are back with a new updated look, and I couldn't be happier about it. For now, though, I've just added a few groovy touches here and therešŸ˜‰

Our house is small so every room has to have multiple functions. Our living space is just a comfy spot to sit and talk, do homework or watch TV when we're all together. The french couch was a $50 thrift store find, and the inherited channel back chairs from my mother get a little more updated look with kilim pillows mixed with velvet and faux fur. 

Inherited Chinese ancestor prints hang on windows from the old house and my parents' record player from the 70s is ready and working. Bolivian and Native American pottery add to the eclectic, global feel. 

This room is grounded by a Yahyali rug I bought in Turkey. The tribal pattern is timeless, and the colors tie everything together in a more cohesive way than a plain, neutral rug would.

I recently brought this 1969 Pieri lamp from my parents' basement, rewired it and added a double, fiberglass mid-century modern shade. I love how it picks up the colors in the Bolivian pottery.

Bright yellow forsythia adds a pop of yellow and a touch of spring.

This has turned into everyone's favorite spot to sit. I layered a wool Baluch rug over the jute and Yahyali to tie it all together. The swag lamp is another treasure from my childhood. It was actually a light green color, and I painted it gold a couple years ago. 

The mid-century guitar pick table belonged to my grandmother and used to have a table lamp attached. It's perfect for this spot. 

That's the living space, so now on to the dining area. 

I made the table top from wormy chestnut off an old house here, designed the base then had a local craftsman make it. Again, I've layered a cream Turkish overdyed rug with a Kazak rug to add some color. 

Inherited brass candlesticks and a brass punch bowl from India add some sparkle to the table and contrast the layered burlap and wool Native-patterned runner. 

I've added yellow for spring and layered this woven rug over the bench, which came from World Market years ago. I ripped off the kilim cover it had and recovered it in burlap. 

Over the buffet, is an original 1953 painting by Montana artist, and my late uncle, Rex Thrower. I added the yellow forsythia for spring and love how the yellow flowers bring out the yellow in the painting and the kilim runner. We actually call forsythia "yellow bells" here☺️

We all still love these mid-century style chairs I got last summer and have found them to be really comfy. I'm so glad I stepped outside the box and went with something this style so all the antique things don't look too stuffy.

Next up is the music room, so you might want your sunglasses!šŸ˜Ž

I went way out on a limb when I fell in love with this "flower-power" fabric at It was seriously discounted because of a flaw, which I never did find, so I made several panels to hang in here.

With a dark brown piano, 1880 antique organ, dark wood cabinet, wood floors, etc., this room can be pretty boring, so this fabric really had the "groovy" feel I wanted to add in here to make it just a little more fun. It's a creative space, so it needs to inspire, and I really love it now. 

Again, the yellow just seemed to keep popping up everywhere and seemed perfect for spring. 
The plates and runner are from Turkey, and the antique print was in the old house.

Another fabulous wool Yahyali from Turkey brings all these colors together in this room as well. 

My husband made the corner cabinet from reclaimed chestnut trim and a walnut tree my dad had cut years ago. Now it scares him when I ask him to make something because he knows it's going to involve creating something from pretty much nothing. But he's sooooo good at it.

On the other side, an antique Harden settle was in the old house, but my grandmother sold it when she downsized. Thanks to a thoughtful neighbor, this settle came back home for my birthday several years ago, and I could not be happier to have it. Kilim pillows bring it into this century.

Next up is the kitchen, which is just as colorful as everything else. 
For spring, I've added floral prints, yellows and reds with a pop of aqua here and there.

I shopped the house and brought out some vintage Blue Ridge pottery, enamelware, and a vintage tole tray.

We made the countertops about six years ago out of wormy chestnut pulled off an old house here on the property. They have just held up beautifully and look like the old store counters I wanted.

I really went a little more practical with the open shelves, and added things we use on a more regular basis. I do love to style them and enjoy changing things out often.

And, of course, my groovy "flower-power" fabric had to make an appearance as a sink skirt. I love the ability to change out the skirt with different colors and styles, as readers will know! I think it really adds color to a room full of wood cabinets and wood floors.

Of course I learned macrame in the 70s and was happy that I remembered so I could make this plant hanger. I found that most of the plant hangers I saw for sale, did not have the crown knot at the top, so I made sure to start mine with it. 

This screen door was also from the old house, and despite that it was not remotely square, we installed it and I covered the back with burlap and hardware cloth.

It makes me really happy to walk in this cheerful and happy kitchen every morning for that first cup of coffee. It's certainly not high-end by any means, but it's warm and welcoming, and that means so much more to me. My mother's kitchen was also warm, welcoming and had vinyl chairs with a similar flower print, so this little reminder makes me smile. 

The bedrooms are next, and if you're new, you can check out the French makeover I gave my girls' room several years ago with its many diy projects. 

And my son's room just got a Star Wars makeover after nine, yes nine, years. 

Now on to the master bedroom, which also has a pretty colorful spring look. 

I changed back over to the white linens and just added some floral pillows I made years ago, again with touches of yellow, red and aqua. 

These vintage embroidered pillow cases were a gift from my great Aunt Frances, and I'm sure she would be so pleased to know how much I love them.

My mother made these gorgeous pinch pleated curtains in the late 1970s for our dining room, and I was so happy she had kept them all these years.  

I broke the chimney for this antique tole lamp, but decided I liked the look with just an LED Edison bulb. It really makes the room feel warm and cozy at night as well. 

The bed, as with pretty much everything here, was an antique I found here on the property and restored. I have my grandmother's trunk at the foot with a quilt made by my great grandmother, and a family friend. 

Again, a bold Turkish rug grounds this room and provides the color inspiration. 

This radio belonged to my great grandmother, and my father remembers listening to FDR's funeral on it when he was a small child in 1945.

On the other side of this room is the mantel I made from an old door.

It definitely has a global feel with a Moroccan mirror, Turkish plate and lantern, candelabra my mother bought in Lebanon, and inherited Indian brass incense burner and large Indian brass pot. Also draped across the mantel is my corn bead necklace.

"Corn bead necklaces are made from the seeds of the corn bead plant, also called "Job's tears." 
The gray color represents the sorrow of the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears in 1838, where a third of the Cherokees forced by the U. S. government to march in winter, died along the way to a reservation in Oklahoma. According to legend, where tears fell on the ground, a corn stalk-like plant sprouted producing seeds in the shape of tears. "

 It's a reminder of my mother's heritage and ancestry here in western North Carolina.

I found this awesome chair in a thrift store here and knew it would be perfect for this spot -- especially with a little faux fur and colorful pillows. 

This is such a bright, sunny room and full of things I love. 

And that makes me happy.

Isn't what what your home is supposed to do? 

Spring is such a time of new hope, and for me, adding a few things with color, pattern and meaning are what keep me inspired and hopeful. It's not going to a store and buying all new decor and accessories, but looking back at something that just needs new life breathed into it.
Just like springšŸ™‚

I'm so happy you all came by for this spring visit, and I hope you are inspired to breathe new life into something you already have in your own home.

I have to thank Marty for all her hard work putting this tour together and invite you to go on to the next stop --
Debra at Common Ground, so be sure to go by and see her beautiful home.

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  1. Cassie BustamanteMarch 23, 2018 at 5:47 AM

    your home is always so fun to visit- so much to see! the yellow touches are great for the season and bring in some cheer, and that peacock chair vignette is my FAVE!

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! I think that's my fav as well, and I want to get more of that look in other places:-)

  • Marty@A Stroll Thru LifeMarch 23, 2018 at 7:10 AM

    I love how you enjoy and showcase all of your family's heritage. Everything has an amazing story and holds so many memories for you and that is truly what a home should do. Love it all and always love seeing how you change things up. Thanks so much for joining the tour, I loved it.

    1. Thank you so very much Marty, and thanks for inviting me along!!

  • I always look forward to your home tour Anita, it has just the perfect mix of the unexpected and gorgeousness all around! As always so honored to share this home tour with you dear! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much Vel!! I am also humbled to be on this tour with such talented ladies are you are:-)

  • Hands down Anita, you and Jenni (Rain on a Tin Roof blog) have the most unique, fun and creative homes on the Spring Tour! Its a breath of fresh air to see two homes that are not a carbon copy or cookie cutter of every one else's home. I love how you both incorporate things you collect and love in your style and are not afraid of color.

    Being a 60s/70s child, I didn't always appreciate mid-century modern style but in the last 3 years I have fell in love with it again. My most prized possession is the 60s mid-century modern sunburst clock that hung in my late grandparents home and their hi-fi record player.

    1. Thank you so much Teresa!! Yes, I felt the same for sure and find myself now looking for things I was not into in the past. I guess everything comes around again, but with a new twist. Wow, I'd love to have one of those clocks!! I can imagine you really do treasure those things so much too:-)

  • This is my first visit to your blog and what a wonderful find! I can't really find the exact words to express how happy this place makes me feel. Your use of color is fabulous. You have wonderful treasures from your family history but your touch makes it all a work of art. Thank you so much for letting us take a tour.

    1. Wow, thank you for that! Happy is really what I was hoping for, so that just makes my day:-)

  • Oh my goodness!! I LOVE what you've done!! I, too, am a North Carolina girl and my house is full of color, as well. I have a very broad, eclectic, mix of styles, including leopard carpet on my front stairs!! We are in the Jamestown/High Point area. Let me know if you ever venture this way, I'd love to meet up!! Do you come to Furniture Market in April or October?

    1. Thank you Melissa!! Oh your home sounds wonderful!! I have never been to Furniture Market and we're not that far away either. I'm sure I'd be really overwhelmed with all the eye candy:-)

  • After seeing so many white/neutral interiors for spring it was so refreshing to see your home so full of color and energy. It was a feast for the eyes and inspiring. Your colors and blending of style are fabulous and it is one of my favorite homes on the tour!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I do feel energized for sure, and after this winter I just felt I needed that. Thank you so much for those kind words!!

  • My favorite things in your home remain the same: I love the Chinese ancestor prints. Yes, those things from the 70s look really familiar, like the hanging tulip lamp. I am from VA and like to keep sentimental things too.
    Tell me how you hung the drapes from the ceiling as a room divider.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually just put up hooks that you can screw in and used the rings that you squeeze to open and close -- the cheap ones:-)

  • Anita, I'm always amazed and in awe of how you put together vivid color and pattern, not to mention so many ethnic styles of decorating. You're a pro! always beautiful and exciting seeing what you're doing. I loved hearing about the history of your family and property!

    1. Thank you so very much Debra for those kind and encouraging words!!

  • I love visiting your house. Everything fits together so wonderfully well. The patterns, colors, and textures are so eye catching. I love all the pottery, the prints, the paintings, the various collections you display. You have quite an eye for mixing things together.

    1. Thank you so much Janice!!

  • I have not been visiting for several years, but I wandered in today and am SO thankful that you have returned to the bright and pretty colors!
    I will be back soon!
    Thank you for your time to post and share your beautiful and loved home!

    1. Thank you! I've always used color, and lots of it though, so maybe you're confusing me with someone else? Glad to have you back!!

  • I just found you today by chance. Everything is absolutely beautiful! I love that you use old things and breathe new life into them. It is so refreshing to see that you don't get all new stuff and do away with character pieces. I love that you don't have sponsors and unlike so many bloggers get extravagant new items that ordinary people could not afford. Kudos to you!!!. Love, love everything. The lights over your dining room table are gorgeous, as well as the mirror in your bedroom. Everything is just over the top and the color and vibrancy is amazing. thumbs up for sure

    1. Wow, what a sweet comment and so encouraging! Thank you so much for that!


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