Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cristian's room -- after

So, I did it in a weekend. For real. I cleaned out all the clutter, painted, rearranged furniture then styled Cristian's room. He is a happy guy, and I'm a happy mom to have a clean and organized room.

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Just in case you do not remember what it looked like before. 

If you want more of the *before* you can see more HERE. 

The poor child had a wreck, and the room had not been painted since he was one. Yes. 


He's 11 now. 

We both wanted something fun and not stuffy and with a slight nod to Star Wars. 
After clearing out the clutter, I painted one wall "Deep Onyx" Colorplace paint from Walmart, by Glidden. I love this color, and love how it turned out on this wall. I used it in a flat finish, then we hung this stick-on mural from Fathead. Super easy, and can be changed easily. 

I had already picked up the bedding set, which included sheets, pillowcase and comforter cover. Cristian and I also picked out a gray shag rug for the floor.

As you can see, I reoriented the bed onto the other wall, as well as the desk. I like this arrangement much better, and it gives him more room at his desk. 

I actually got rid of the footboard and changed out the bed rails to a plain rail, which gave me about 8" more room at the foot of the bed. I put a lidded basket in the corner with a couple pillows.  
I also hung a couple of Star Wars art poster silk screen prints at each end of the bed. 

I left the cedar chest under the window, and he can use it like a window seat if he wants, or use the space for lego building.

...or Nerf guns.

Above the chest, I hung the photos of Cristian and his dad with the Cessna his dad was flying.

I also picked up a frame and popped in this NASA print Cristian brought home from school. I thought it was really cool and fit the space and aviation feel his room has. 

On the other side, his desk is much more functional than it was before. 

Of course, on the bookcase headboard, the BB8 droid is ready to play. This thing really has a mind of its own and will start talking at any moment. 

Now Cristian has a place to read, make videos, play games, etc., and it is much more functional than before. 

I'm really, really happy with how this room turned out, and so is Cristian. I did not have any plans to make this a "designer" kids magazine-ready room, but wanted something he would like. The themed accessories are easy to change out whenever he gets tired of them, and things are neutral enough to go pretty much any direction. 

This room is super small, and I had to use the furniture I had, so I'm more than pleased that a little paint and ingenuity made such a huge difference. Really -- working with what you have, and inside whatever parameters you are stuck with, does not have to be a bad thing. It just makes you more creative. 

But most importantly...

...we love it. He loves it. 

And that's what matters:-)

In other news, I am finally on instagram. I would love for you all to head over and follow me for more behind the scenes posts, videos, and some different things that don't show up here. 

Kylo Ren bedding set: Walmart and amazon
Battle of Endor mural: by Fathead from amazon
Paint: Deep Onyx (Colorplace/Walmart)
          Natural Silver Wool (Colorplace/Walmart)

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  1. My six year old granson would love this bedroom. Looks great!

    1. Thanks so much Lynne!

  • The old oak furniture brings back such memories. I swear, every boy born after 1960 (which is when my son was born) had this furniture in their bedroom - and mine was no exception. It lasted forever, was passed down to other family members with kids, and proved to be sturdy enough that my grandson got it back when he was in grade school because he wanted the dresser and desk that his Uncle Tony had when he was growing up. Your son's room looks wonderful and if history is any guide, he may be taking that furniture with him when he gets his own place someday.

    1. I never thought about it that way, but that certainly makes it all mean a lot more to me. And you are so right about it lasting -- so different from what you buy now. Thanks so much Pat!!