Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day set aside for us to remember the men and women who have given their lives in service to this country over the years.

Their families are not celebrating the beginning of summer but dealing with their loved one making the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life.

That should make us all stop and think.

To Them We Owe

© Don Nielsen

Happened today, and in the past;
Sacrifice made, for ours to last.

Wives to widows, families torn;
Gave their lives, for them we mourn.

Gone forever, souls are lost;
Freedom comes, with this cost.

Enjoy the life, they did preserve;
Fate they suffered, did not deserve.

On this day, lest we forget;
To them we owe, our life in debt.

Luis and I wanted to do something this weekend to honor those men and women who have died serving this great nation, so I re-recorded the vocal for the arrangement of Battle Hymn I did in the Air Force Band and added some video and images. It was difficult watching combat footage trying to find the right things to share, but it brought home the fact that sometimes brave people are called to face down evil so the rest of us can live in freedom. Remember the families whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice for you. Featuring the Band of the Air Force Reserve, Christ Church Choir, Marcel Marchetti on trumpet, and the amazing Jim Hammerly on piano