Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antique wormy chestnut countertops reveal...

 Oh how very excited I have been to get to this day:-)

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We went from this...
(150-year-old wormy chestnut off my great grandmother's little guest house)

...and this

to this:-)

It all started when the wonderful people at Pfister sent me this beautiful "Cadenza" faucet. I knew I wanted a single handle, vintage-style, stainless finish with a separate sprayer, and I could not love this one more. It is the perfect balance for the really modern sink. Don't you think? Did I mention I love it? It does come with a soap dispenser, but I decided not to use it although it can be added. 

 I just didn't want to couldn't put this beautiful new faucet in the old sink with the laminate counters, so we finally decided to make the wood counters. I wanted them to look like they came out of my grandfather's store...old and worn, so we made and finished them with that in mind. You can see the whole process HERE.

I was also able to get a great, big sink, and I have really enjoyed using it. 

We used wormy chestnut moulding from the old house as a backsplash.

Of course, one thing always leads to another, so I decided to take out the cabinet to the right of the sink. 

I made shelves from old wood found in my dad's 100-year-old garage.

I could not love the new look more. Knowing we made the countertops from wood we found here really makes them so incredibly special. 

I just could not wait to share, so I will write one post about the process including the joining and finish choices I made. I will say after looking at a lot of DIY wood countertops, we made very specific choices based on durability, the old store look I wanted, and preservation of this very rare wood. Most was based on the dining table I made with the same wood about 9 years ago. I will also add this was not a couple hour process with 2 x 4s from a home store and joints filled with wood filler, but a labor of love over several weeks and a lot of patience:-) You can see the posts detailing the entire process below:

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In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and joining me in my new/old kitchen:-)

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  1. Pam - @diy Design FanaticSeptember 3, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    Your "new" wood countertops look so awesome Anita! What a meaningful home improvement. Love the shelves, your sink and faucet too! Congratulations on a job well done to you both!

  2. What a clever idea! The wood counters are gorgeous and meaningful. Love the shot looking into your dining area. This looks like a wonderful space.

  3. These are gorgeous, Anita! You and Luis did a great job, and I love your new open shelving, as well. Changes like this make such a difference in a room, don't they? Your new sink and faucet look really good with the countertops. Enjoy!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  4. I LOVE them!!! Your home is so beautiful and I appreciate you taking us along as you and Luis incorporate your familys' heirlooms and materials into your home.

  5. How perfect Anita!!! Well done you and Luis. What a team you 2 make. The history behind the counter tops make them all the more special. Luv how you showcased the crinoline dishes. Makes me want to rip out my cabinet. Hahahaa... practicing how I can get the Mr. to do it :-)
    Luv it!!!
    Hugs, Gee

  6. Simply 2 words...LOVE it! :-)

  7. Your kitchen counters are just beautiful, Anita! I love the rich colour with the aqua walls and the pink accents. It is so pretty. I also like the new shelves. Do you miss the cabinet? You did a fabulous job! Pamela

  8. Oh my goodness Anita...they are absolutely beautiful!!! I know they were work, but I am so thrilled for you! I bet you are one happy lady!

  9. Beautiful, Anita. You have such vision. Unbelievable. Kudos to you. (and Luis). xo

  10. Those really turned out beautifully! You did such a great job. I love the color, love the open shelving, your sink, it all. Enjoy it for many years to come.

  11. Congratulations! It looks wonderful!

  12. Cindy (Applestone Cottage)September 4, 2013 at 5:02 AM

    Very cool, love the look!
    Your whole kitchen is as charming as can be!

  13. They are really really beautiful and add such warmth to the room.

  14. With everyone seeming to clamor for granite or other high-end countertops, it is so inspiring to see that you follow your heart and use things that have a family history. "Labor of love" describes your and Luis' work perfectly. Your entire home exudes a sense of welcome, comfort, and beauty, and the countertop project simply reinforces them. Your home definitely is where the heart is.

  15. Shenita @ Embellishments by SLRSeptember 4, 2013 at 6:49 AM

    Anita, the countertops are beautiful! They look original to the style of your home; and the color is gorgeous! Great job!

  16. your home is so inspiring!!! These new kitchen countertops are beautiful!!!!

  17. Anita, I absolutely love what you've done with your countertops. This is something I have been considering for my own kitchen for quite some time! You did a fabulous job and I LOVE the colour of your kitchen!!!

    -Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  18. They are so beautiful. We had wood counters at the house before last, but these... wow. They are simply dripping with old time charm. Perfection!!

  19. Carlene @ Organized ClutterSeptember 4, 2013 at 4:16 PM

    I love the countertops. So warm!

  20. Congrats to the both of you! I did follow your process...your husband is a perfectionist! And you are so talented with you creative vision of what you wanted done. All that old wood from homes of your great/and grandparents is such a wonderful heritage. Kitchen loves fabulous.
    Mary (The Old Elf)

  21. Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouseSeptember 4, 2013 at 10:22 PM

    It loooks amazing and I love how you pink china looks against your wall on the open shelving.

  22. Your kitchen is just stunning, love the countertops!

  23. The entire kitchen looks amazing. Everytime you use your countertops, you will think of all the history behind that beautiful wood. How fortunate you were to have the wood with all the history available for you to use.

  24. At The Picket FenceSeptember 5, 2013 at 12:28 PM

    Anita!! These are seriously gorgeous! I am just in complete awe that you were able to accomplish such an amazing goal and they are absolutely stunning!
    P.S. Just shared on our FB page! :-)

  25. karen@somewhatquirkySeptember 5, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    Absolutely wonderful. you have my mind racing with ideas for making wooden counter tops. I love it that you used the molding as the backsplash. Congrats on a beautiful word.

  26. Gorgeous! What a great look you now have.

  27. so smart, functional and charming.

    hope you'll visit me back.


  28. Oh Anita they turned out beyond gorgeous!! I know you must just be giddy with pride. Your hard work and determination paid off ten fold. Thanx for sharing at THT!

  29. Those countertops go perfectly with your new faucet. We absolutely love the whole look!

  30. Hi Anita! Oh, the countertops are gorgeous! I know you're happy you can get back into your pretty kitchen again! I love them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Beautiful counters! I have antique pine on our island - still in love with it 7 years later. Dropping by from Met Monday.

  32. Beautiful Wood counter tops! I am a lover of Wood, so this is great for me, I totally love it! Your new faucet is perfect with that great sink, Anita. I love your kitchen. Big hugs,

  33. Marty@A Stroll Thru LifeSeptember 10, 2013 at 5:18 AM

    Your counters are GORGEOUS. I love them and the new sink and faucet are so perfect. You kitchen is fabulous, I love everything you have done to it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  34. Amazing, Anita! My husband and I have been debating for months and I sent his this link! You're also one of my top 3 favorites for Home{work} Wednesday. Congrats!

  35. I love your phone! Cute shelves and accessories too :)

  36. I love the new counter top. Absolutely gorgeous!

  37. I just happened to find your blog via Peeking Through the Sunflowers and I must say your new counters are absolutely gorgeous. We have a second home, a very small cottage up at our farm about 45 minutes north from where we live. We have had it now for about 20 years and my DH has bought most of the property surrounding us. About ten years ago we bought a property right next to us and it had a small house on it. My DH came home and asked what should we do with the house and my response was, "Torch the place". I had been in it once and didn't see any value to it but thankfully my DH did not take my advice. He went in the house again and found all this beautiful antique heart of Pine. I think the wood is about 200 years old. We took all of the heart of Pine out and used it for our floors in our own small farmhouse cottage and we had some left over so we used the rest on our countertops. They are gorgeous and like you we used polyurethane to seal them. Also like you I never lay food on my countertops but also use Boos boards or marble pieces. I have never regretted using the wood on those countertops and when I read your post it reminded me of our own wood countertops. You will enjoy having those countertops and they are quite simply amazingly beautiful. You also have given me the idea of doing a post about our own at our farm. I am your newest follower, you have a lovely blog.

    Carolyn/A Southerner's Notebook

  38. Angie @ Knick of TimeSeptember 16, 2013 at 2:08 PM

    It's funny how one thing leads to another, isn't it? Love your "new" counters - I'm featuring you tonight at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party!

  39. Jeanette@Creating a Life StudioSeptember 16, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    Anita, I LOVE these counters! The history and warmth they add is just perfect. Love that sink and faucet, too!

  40. Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net)September 21, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    Truly beautiful! I'm so impressed that you guys did this yourself, Anita! Wow! I know it makes you smile each time you step into your beautiful kitchen. :)

  41. Gorgeous...and I love those pink dishes!

  42. I love these so much! We are currently renovating our bathroom, but someday we are going to redo our kitchen, and will do wood countertops. Love!

  43. Your kitchen counters are simply excellent, Anita! I adore the rich shading with the water dividers and the pink accents. It is so lovely. I likewise like the new retires. Do you miss the bureau? You made a marvelous showing! Lynnwood Granite Contractors