Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And the winner is...

The lovely Shelia from Note Songs!! Yes, that's right, Shelia will be receiving 6 place settings of Mikasa "Modernist Black" to set a pretty table with. 

I have known Shelia since I first started blogging, and she is such a sweetheart and so kind to everyone:-) 

Congratulations Shelia, and thank you, thank you to all of you who entered!! Also a big thanks to Lifetime Brands for sponsoring this giveaway! 


Monday, January 21, 2013

Great Mikasa Giveaway!!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to once again be partnering with the wonderful folks at Mikasa and Lifetime Brands to offer this fabulous giveaway! 
A lucky winner will be receiving 6 four-piece place settings of Mikasa "Modernist Black" bone china! Isn't it lovely? You know how I love square plates. Although this is a very modern pattern, I chose to show it a little different light so you can see how versatile it is. 

The obvious choice for linens would be black or white, but I went a different route and chose hot pink. pink. 

These are so delicate and beautiful. Also included is a standard size soup bowl. 

I love these mugs because they are just the right size and so much easier to use than a cup and saucer. 

For my setting, the box is filled with fresh cedar, white pine and pine cones because, after all, it is still winter. I like to bring in whatever is green outside.

I made a runner and napkins out of this vintage Chinese silk. One of my dad's relatives brought this silk from China when she lived there in the late 1940s. I think it makes a really festive but elegant and modern table. I used square rattan chargers for a natural element and Mikasa "Italian Countryside" flatware. The crystal is Durand Cristal D'Arques "Longchamp." 

To be entered in the giveaway there are several options:

1. Follow Far Above Rubies on blogger for one entry. 

2. "Like" Mikasa on Facebook for one entry. 

3. "Like" Far Above Rubies on Facebook for one entry.

4. Blog about the giveaway, or post it on your sidebar or facebook page for one entry.

You can have up to four entries!

Please stop back by HERE and let me which of the above things you have done so I can enter you in the drawing. You can leave one comment letting me know which of the above you do. The deadline for entries is Friday, January 28 at midnight EST so don't wait!

Even though I have many international followers, I have to limit the giveaway to Canada and USA.

This is such beautiful dinnerware and you cannot get better quality than bone china. All the best to everyone who enters:-)


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A winner will be selected randomly from all the entrants. 
The Mikasa Modernist Black was provided by Lifetime Brands, and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Isabelle's Trunk...

Hi everyone! I don't have a lot of photos for this post because I need to hurry and start gathering wood to build an ark! We have had over 4 inches of rain here and it is not stopping. Our creek is only 30 feet from the house so we keep going out to check, and it is as full as I have ever seen it. I hope you are all safe and dry:-)

I wanted to show you a peek of the the trunk I brought over from my parent's house. 

It is still wearing the green color my grandmother painted it so many years ago. I'm not sure if I will paint it or not. I had planned on maybe black, then I thought grey, but when I got it here, I kind of liked knowing it is a truly, vintage color.

I just placed my dad's 1956 Royal typewriter on top for now, but it seems to be a popular spot for it...

It is amazing how excited the children get about a typewriter. Knowing they can type something and instantly see it right in front of them. Imagine that. It makes me think we are really not progressing at all.

I'm excited to finally have my trunk here! Now I just need to figure out whether to paint it and what color...

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Vignettes and the old door

Since the Christmas decor is down and packed up, I wanted to share how I am bringing the outside in for winter. 

I found this door last fall here and had planned on using it for a tabletop, then I saw this photo (left) on Pinterest. I thought the door looked amazingly like mine on the right.
So I decided to use mine in a similar way...

I wanted to add the rustic, country elements to the elegance of the buffet, so I used the burlap and muslin runner I made for Knight's Store on etsy. 

I wanted to use this box I made out of a newel post from the old house. I took it apart, left three sides and added caps at both ends. I finally decided to put my grandfather's books inside along with some juniper sprigs and deer antlers.

The window is the same one from the old house I used at Christmas with photos of my dad and family when they lived there. 

I made this candle holder of bark from a Hemlock tree that fell a couple years ago. I made it in the summer and used seashells around the candles, then in the fall I changed to acorns, etc. For winter I have used pinecones, juniper and cinnamon. 

I kept the old vinegar bottle and added fresh juniper, cedar and arborvitae branches.

This is how I'm bringing the outside in for Winter...although it does't really seem like winter here. We had several years lately with a lot of snow, but not this year. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas bedroom

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to share a little Christmas decor in the bedroom before the season is gone. This room has not had any attention in a while, so I took some of the leftover Christmas decor I had and used it in here. It really made the space so warm and cozy. 

Just about everything in here is handed down and very old. The antique spool bed is from around 1860 and I have added a quilt made by my great grandmother. 

This antique mahogany dresser is missing its mirror, but it goes really nicely in front of this window. 

Vintage lamp and candle holders sit on a handmade mahogany end of a pair. 

This "new" box I made from a newel post out of the old house

I caught this little elf putting his own toys into these stockings:-)

I took an old piece of trim and attached these leftover cabinet pulls to hold stockings. It will be great for hanging other things later. 

This was an old tree top that I placed into a blue and white pot and covered with glass ornaments I bought in Germany...

I draped greenery over the windows...

Well that's it for the bedroom. I just used things I already had to make it a little bit cozier for Christmas. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope the new year brings all of you the very best:-)


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