Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family inspiration...

Hi everyone!  I know you think I have disappeared! After the anniversary, my mother was scheduled for back surgery. Although it went very well, I have been trying to help them out as much as possible, so I'm sure you understand why I have not gotten around to you all yet! I am thankful she is next door and I can be available when they need me. She is doing really well, but will still need another 4-5 weeks for recovery.  

I do have some changes to show you that I made a few weeks ago. After Christmas, I had kept a lot of red, warm accessories in the living room. Then, I really just needed a change, so I pretty much changed everything out and decided to use my blue and white transferware throughout the room, which I'll show later this week. I also changed out some of the more Spanish accessories for a little bit of "Southern." The inspiration for this was a vintage handkerchief belonging to one of my relatives. 

Since the handkerchief is from 1872, I brought in a Mort Kunstler signed print titled, "Blessing of the Sword" from my collection. I thought the colors coordinated so well. I brought in some gold to go with the blue. The paisley runner is one I made for the dining table, but it works nicely here on the piano. The palm tree gives us a little bit of that "Savannah" feel. I've seen that a lot in old southern houses.

This beautiful lace handkerchief was a gift to one of my relatives for her Danville, Va., wedding in 1872...

Here is a hand-written description of it written by the relative who gave it to me...

This is such a treasure to me and I hope it will be to one of my children.

Now let me show you the before. It's definitely a different feel! 

I'm enjoying the change, although I don't typically change things a lot. When I do, I end up seeing an earlier photo and going back to that. It's fine for now, though.

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If you gave me your opinion about the three coffee pots I was trying to choose from, you will be very surprised with the outcome! I'll show you as soon as I can:-) There was a very unexpected will never guess.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love all your comments and emails, and appreciate each and every one of you who stop by. I hope you find something here that inspires you:-)


Monday, February 14, 2011

Ethan Allen thrifty find...

Hi everyone! I did survive the marathon weekend of my parents' 50th Anniversary reception, and worship services all day yesterday, so now I can finally start visiting all of you who left such lovely comments on my Spode Woodland post last week! 

Today, I wanted to share my Salvation Army find from a couple weeks ago. We were actually looking for old iron garden furniture to repurpose, but Luis saw this Ethan Allen headboard and knew it would be perfect for Cristian's room. It was only $8!! We could not pass it up!! It was in perfect condition with not even a scratch and coordinates perfectly with the vintage furniture he already has. 

I have never shown Cristian's room because it's a mess!! We finally transitioned from the Winnie the Pooh nursery, but have yet to really do anything else in there. He likes airplanes, so I kind of had that in mind. I still need to paint, but at least we have a good start. 

We knew he would love this bookcase headboard because he can put all the things he likes in there. He was very excited to have his own alarm clock. 

Luis is a pilot, so it would only be natural for Cristian to love airplanes too!

You just never know what you might find! Now I really need to pick some paint colors and get this room going! I think it's going to be a light, dusty blue. But then, I've been looking at paint colors for months and have yet to decide. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!! 

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ralph Lauren-inspired Spode Woodland

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to have a tablescape this week as I'm in the middle of planning and executing my parents' 50th Anniversary reception this weekend!! But, I had to get all the silver out anyway, so I wanted to share this table with you. After all, what could be better than Ralph Lauren, sterling silver and Spode Woodland American Horses?

 I posted a table with this china last year, HERE, so I wanted something different. I headed to the fabric shop armed with a dinner plate for inspiration. I decided to go with this beautiful floral pattern and a coordinating plaid. I have become really fond of double runners because of the added texture, so I layered the floral over the plaid. For a little added interest, I added a pleated natural ruffle and a strip of the plaid. The top runner is lined, but I did not line the bottom one so it would not be too bulky.

Here is a little inspiration from Ralph Lauren's home collection, "Lake House" bedding collection. Although my color choices were different, the soft plaid/floral concept inspired me.

Let's get to the china! I bought these dinner plates last year for my girls because they love riding horses.

The American Quarter Horse...

The Paint...

The Arabian...

The Standardbred...

The Thoroughbred...

The glassware is Hazel Atlas El Dorado green and was only .50 a water glass and .25 for each wine glass. I found 8 water glasses and 7 wine glasses at the Haywood Christian Ministries Thrift store.

I finally got a silver champagne cooler! This one is the "Lancaster Rose" pattern from the Poole Silver Company and was $20. After I got it, I looked on Replacements to see that they have it for $299. I filled it with dried Hydrangeas from the summer.

The cruet castor set belonged to my great grandmother and only comes out on occasion.

I used the Wallace "Louvre" 1893 sterling flatware as the repousse pattern is so nice with the floral edge on this china.

The sun was starting to set...

I hope you enjoyed my Ralph Lauren-inspired table with Spode Woodland! Although I bought the plates for the girls, we are all enjoying the horses. I hope to start a collection of the Spode Woodland "Hunting dogs" for my son eventually!

Be sure to sit down with your family at the dinner table and find out what is going on in everyone's lives!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love reading your lovely comments then getting around to visit you!

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Spode Woodland "American Horses" dinner plates
Hazel Atlas "El Dorado" green glassware
Wallace "Louvre" 1893 sterling flatware
vintage silverplate chargers
vintage crocheted napkins
Poole "Lancaster Rose" silverplated champagne cooler
Mother of pearl napkin rings from Walmart