Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm back with a winter wonderland!!!

I know, I know, I disappeared! Honestly, this is just the busiest time of year for me as a church musician, so I have been MIA, but I desperately needed another creative outlet besides music, so I put together a table today with some borrowed china!!

This beautiful dinnerware is Certified International "Winter Wonderland" by Susan Winget. Of course, I borrowed it from my mother:-) She also gave me the beautiful ruby Noritake "Perspective" glassware for Christmas. I have used a runner I made out of the same fabric I covered the chair seats in.

I have also used my Mikasa "Italian Countryside" flatware along with the rattan chargers I *always* use and the bamboo napkin rings from BBB. I wanted to show you that it is possible to use your everyday things even at Christmas and still make it special.  The beautiful napkins are "Poet Jacquard" in forest green from April Cornell.

All of these pieces feature different winter scenes...

All of the floral arrangements came from a local nursery, Savannah Farms, several years ago. I have several pieces from them and not only are they beautiful, they are so well put together, and you would never know they are not real.

My Christmas present from my mom...the beautiful Noritake "Perspective" glassware.

I'm happy to be back with a Christmas table! My plan is to use the same centerpiece and show you how to make it different each week with just a few different pieces.

Of course, my main focus this season as always, is giving back and sharing our blessings with others. No matter what we have, we can share something with someone. Please think about those who are cold, hungry, and lonely this season and do something to help someone. If everyone did something, no one would be in need. Please just look outside your door, and I'm sure you will find someone to share with. The best gift this season, is giving yourself:-)

I'll be joining "Tablescape Thursday" over at "Between Naps on the Porch" so please go by there and see some incredible tables!!

Blessings this Christmas season:-)



  1. Yeah Anita!!!!! I was about to email you! I was beginning to worry, but I know how crazy this time of year is! Your table is beautiful! I am in love with plates! They remind me of Germany and England. Just gorgeous! Does your mom know you or what??? What a perfect gift! It all looks so lovely and I am so glad to see you back!

  2. Oh Anita, I love those dishes!! What a lovely tablescape!
    And I know what you mean... my husband has Christmas concerts the first weekend in December every year... with lots of rehearsals... plus his weekly worship rehearsals.
    Such a busy time... but also aware of so many that are without and hurting and alone.
    Blessings to your & yours.

  3. So gorgeous Anita! I LOVE Susan Winget (I always get her rooster calendar every year and when my kiddos were youngsters, her schoolhouse one for our homeschool room). I love the touch of whimsey the dishware lend to the entire table. Elegant and whimsical all at once :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  4. Hi there, Anita, good to see you back :o) What a lovely table. I really like those plates and everything goes well together. Well done.
    Each day I pray for those who are less fortunate than myself. The weather here is very cold so it must be an added hardship. It can be a miserable time of year for some people anyway. I will do what I can. Keep well, my friend :o)
    God bless you

  5. Everything is just gorgeous.

    God bless you!

  6. Hi Anita, Im so happy to see you back this is the time of the year so busy. What a lovely tablescape those plates are beautiful!!
    !!!gorgeous gift from your mom.
    Many blessings for you and your family
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  7. Imagine that the children go from place to place to view the different scenes on the china- looks very family friendly- we have yet to get out our china or even put up the tree. we have packed food boxes and will be ringing bells for the salvation army very soon.

    glad to see you are back and well. Merry Christmas to you

  8. Just beautiful! I've never seen that china before, I love it! And your new ruby glasses are so fun-enjoy:@)

  9. myletterstoemilyDecember 8, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    splendid, magnificent, worthy of the magi! you are
    so talented and gifted at creating beauty. i loved
    your wreaths on the outside windows, too.

    i know just what you mean about the business
    of Christmas. so many rehearsals, but so much

  10. Linda @ A La CarteDecember 8, 2010 at 4:04 PM

    Enough said, a church musician and this time of year...just glad you could surface at last! Love this table, it is very pretty and yes we can make a beautiful table using what we have around our homes! Looking forward to more.

  11. I am also glad you are back! I was really beginning to worry and was going to email you tomorrow! I'm glad to know all is well and you are busy, busy, busy! Lovely table!

  12. Hi Anita! I was so thrilled to see your post pop up! Glad to have you back! :-) This tablescape is gorgeous and those are some of the prettiest Christmas dishes I have ever seen. I just love them! Everything looks beautiful and I can't wait to see more!

  13. Well, hoooray! I was beginning to worry. My sister informed me over dinner that you were back online.

    And what a grand re entrance we have, too. I love this table! The centerpiece is fabulous so I'm looking forward to seeing the other ways you use it.

    I love the shot from above the best. It shows how everything looks against the warm woods of your table.

    Welcome back!!



  15. its always so pretty here~

  16. Welcome Back Anita! This IS such a busy time of the year. Love those plates! They are gorgeous!! And your Mom, what a lovely Christmas present she gave you. Your table is just stunning! Enjoy the season of giving! Andrea

  17. Entertaining WomenDecember 8, 2010 at 11:54 PM

    Aren't we so blessed to have dear ones with whom to share such lovely things. Your tablescape is absolutely gorgeous, as always. You've been missed. Welcome back. I always love red wonderful that you have the arrangements that can be used each year. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  18. Your table is gorgeous. I love the borrowed plates; they are beautiful. Maybe they could forget to go home????

  19. Your table is beautiful! I just love it all! Thank you for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas!

  20. Love the way the light is casting a warm cozy glow! The dishes are so charming...I would be thrilled to borrow them :-)

  21. So good to see you! I love seeing what you do with your mother's lovely dishes too. I just told my mother yesterday that I wanted to go digging through her dishes and borrow a few things. Your red glasses are so pretty, especially with that light glowing through them. I love that tablerunner, so rich and luxurious. I hope you finding some time to relax a bit to enjoy this lovely season.

  22. I missed you Anita, this is so lovely.

    Merry Christmas

  23. Gorgeous! I adore the dishes. :)

  24. You were indeed missed, Anita! I missed one week myself. What delightful Christmas china! I hadn't seen this pattern before, but it's really pretty. Your red glasses look just right with it!

  25. Hi Anita, it's so nice to see you again. It is a very busy time of year isn't it? Your tablescape is beautiful, especially the Susan Winget dinnerware. Sweet pictures on each plate. And it all looks gorgeous on your bare wood table! Enjoy your busyness and have a blessed Christmas!

  26. Anita, I have missed your beautiful tables, glad to see you back!
    Your table is beautiful, as always. Your new stemware goes so nicely with those beautiful plates, just the right touch of red.
    Love your candlesticks!

  27. Fantastic!!! I love the treatment you did on your lighting fixture!!!

  28. Luncheons at the JunctionDecember 10, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Hi Anita. I'm new to blogging and I am so happy I found yours. Your tables are beautiful! I would love to dine at any one of them.

  29. Anita, Merry Chrirstmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year to you and yours.God Bless you for all your good works. The table is just wonderful and elegant as always. The relative we were helping passed away and another close extended family member as well and other relatives in hospital. We are so grateful for our health and blessings. Helping others you are right doesn't have to be very formal but in our extended circles there is need. Thank you for your beautiful blog...hugs.

  30. Hi Anita~ ~
    Beautiful table and I love the centerpiece. I have never seen that china pattern before, very pretty. What a great Mom you have. She gives you china and glassware.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  31. Everything looks beautiful, Anita!
    Your dishes remind me of my own... I have Sango's Silent Night. I love the ice skaters in the wintry scene.
    Your greens ~ especially in the chandelier are so festive. You do such a nice job decorating your table; your family must feel so special when they sit at a table you have prepared.
    A wish for a merry and bright week ahead!
    Blessings to you~

  32. Hi, again. I just love all your warm colors. I also love the crosses on the wall (not in this post) near your piano area. What is the story behind those? Are they new ones or old ones?