Saturday, December 15, 2018

Farmhouse Christmas Porch

Hello everyone! I meant to have this post up sooner, but the winter storm last weekend knocked out power from Saturday night until Tuesday night and took out many trees and shrubs around the house -- not to mention the destruction all over the community here. In fact, there were tree limbs coming through the rails on the porch so we had to cut them back until we can take care of the debris, but I went ahead and shot a few photos to share. 

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I pretty much did what I usually do out here, but went a bit more traditional using things I had from the property and accessorized with plaid and gingham. 

The sled my grandfather made holds a Balsam seedling, my brother's fire truck and an old lantern. This year I stuffed the stockings I made with plastic bags to keep them from looking limp. The thing is, I don't use plastic bags - only reusable, so I had trouble finding any here, ha. 

I didn't even put greenery on the wreath I made, but left it as is with a bow made from scrap material. 

I made all the pillows, including for the settee, and draped my grandmother's coat across the arm. 

This is my favorite of all the planters I made this year. Because I started with dirt in the pot, this will last well into spring and more than likely root before I'm through with it.

As pretty as this snow looks, it started with a hard layer of ice and the heaviness caused anything with leaves to break off immediately. This tree's branches were literally on our back porch, but somehow this one didn't split. We have some work ahead for sure!

I'm enjoying my cheery porch, and enjoying more that the things I used are mostly local/inherited or handmade. I just try to be creative with what I have, and enjoy the uniqueness of what I put together. 

I did the Hickory Ridge porch at Balsam Mountain Preserve this week so I'll post that as well as my master bedroom all dressed for Christmas this week, so please stop back by!! 

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  1. It's perfect! Red gingham and memories!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  • I love your little mountain home. Living in the trees has always been my wish and I don't require a big house, so it appears heavenly to me. Your "using what you have" attitude is so refreshing. Keep on doing what you do.

    1. Thanks so much Pat! I love living in the trees until a storm comes, then I'm wishing I could cut them, ha! It does get scary but we've been lucky so for none on the house. Knock on wood.