Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hygge and my favorite candles ever

Hygge (apparently pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah like we all thought) is a Danish concept that has been everywhere for a while, and as I am always late with everything, I thought it was about time to share with y'all my interpretation.

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 Considering there is not really an English word that properly translates, Hygge is basically the concept of coziness or comfort. It really is a concept that we all probably practice in one form or another. Loving winter as I do, deliberately embracing the idea of Hygge just seems to make winter even more special.

For me there are a few essentials that make my home feel cozy, and I like to incorporate them especially when it's cold, dark and dreary outside.

Candles and twinkle lights

I love candles and twinkle lights any time, but in winter they certainly give off a glow that can make the dreariest of days feel cozy.

I use candles everywhere...

...at night.

As well as during the day.

I also love adding a few strands of lights after the Christmas decor is down just to keep the warm ambience.

I use only unscented candles around the house with the exception of my favorite candles ever -- 
Folky Art Candles. 

Y'all there are just no words to describe how incredible these candles are. I've been using them ever since I discovered them on another blog, and they just can't be beat by any brand anywhere. 

April is some kind of mad scientist when it comes to blending oils to get the most unique scents, and they're so multi-dimensional they literally take you on a journey somewhere else. Read her descriptions of the scents, then you'll understand:-) 

Other candles have a scent. These are an experience that words cannot describe. They don't lose their scent unlike others I have tried, and they last longer because you can just light them for a little while but the scent lingers. 

Yes, I love them for real. I also think a  Folky Art Candle is a really important element to the concept of Hygge and getting that cozy feeling in my home.

Warm throws, down comforters, faux fur and flannel

Every bed in our house has down blankets, comforters, and flannel sheets, and what a difference they make when the temps dip around zero as they have since Christmas here.

With only a heat pump for heat, the house gets cold when outside is below freezing, and these make such a difference. There is nothing more satisfying than crawling into a warm bed at night and knowing the rest of my family is also snug and cozy in their beds.

I also keep warm throws around the house for snuggling up in while doing homework or watching TV. 

And they certainly get used -- especially on those chilly Sunday afternoons.


Y'all know how much I love my rug collection, and there is nothing that says "Hygge" more than layered, wool rugs on cold hardwood floors. They are so soft underfoot and really help keep the house feeling warmer. 

Comfort food

Need I say more? The coffee pot is always on, but I can brew up some Earl Grey or hot chocolate in a snap if needed. A warm beverage is the perfect thing to warm up with after a day outside in the snow.

Of course, my mother's homemade apple pie, warm from the oven, is welcome any time, but really hits the spot in the dead of winter.

We can't just have sweets, so a nice pot of beef stew or homemade vegetable soup will also drive away the cold and make those winter nights feel warm and toasty.

Fireplace or wood stove

Finally, there is nothing like the warmth of a fire, whether gas logs, a fireplace or wood stove, but, if you are like us without any of those things, a radiant quartz heater will warm things up and at a fraction of the cost of traditional space heaters. 

Since we do have a heat pump, this is really great for adding just a bit more warmth and definitely takes the chill off those cold winter nights. 

These are my essentials for practicing the Danish concept of Hygge. 

I really do love the long, dark days of winter and Hygge is something I've been doing for years -- bringing all these elements together to make my home feel as cozy as possible.

Are you a fan of Hygge, and what do you incorporate into your home to make it cozy?

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**This is not a sponsored post, but Folky Art Candles is a sponsor of this blog. All opinions are my own. 



  1. A girl after my own heart. You love the same things I do. I have never heard of these candles but I am going to look them up right now. Thanks for telling us about them. xo Diana

    1. They are awesome, and April is a sweetie! Definitely try some!

  • Your house is such eye candy for me! Every time you post, I look through it several times. I love the mix of styles and your color choices are always so beautiful!

  • Anita, I so love the Asian art in your 'parlor' and could we get a closer look at the teacups ?
    I have a heat pump too but there is an 'emergency' heat button for when it gets below freezing. Sure you don't have one on top of the thermostat ?
    Stay warm

    1. Thank you!! Those are Chinese ancestor prints I inherited from a relative who lived in China in the 1940s, and the Chinese tea cups are part of a set with a teapot my grandmother gave me:-) Our heat pump automatically goes on emergency heat, but when it's around zero for so long, keeping the house warm is ridiculously expensive and I try to keep it from running non stop.

  • Rebecca FuellingJanuary 24, 2018 at 7:22 AM

    Oh Anita, I so enjoyed this post. I too, love candlelight and we have two fireplaces so sometimes we just don’t want to leave the house. Your home is beautiful! I love the red taper candles. They remind me of ones my mom used to burn. I also love the red and white percolator on your stove. So cute.

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca!! Yes, those red candles were my mom's so are definitely vintage;-)

  • Anita, Hello, and yes, I agree with candles everywhere and also keep quite a few twinkly lights around the house.
    Oh, and blankets, and throw pillows (which hubby always tosses on the floor?) I also love to have greenery
    to cozy up our farmhouse, a little "spring" inside. Keep warm. Penny from Michigan.