Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bohemian chic in the winter dining room

I have made a few changes to the dining room for winter and wanted to share the subtle Bohemian Chic vibe this space has taken on. 
It all started with the mid-century painting my dad let me borrow, then I went in search of an affordable kilim to use as a table runner. 

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I found this Afghan kilim at ecarpetgallery on ebay. I love that it has different shades from reds to pinks, to the grays and golds.

I had taken down the crystal candle "chandeliers" as I wanted something less fussy. I ended up hanging these brass candle holders for now until I find just the right thing. 

I went out on a limb and decided to use the Berber Moroccan rug from RugsUSA underneath the table, simply because I didn't have anywhere to use it, but ended up *loving* how it looks here. We had dinner guests last weekend, and because this rug is thick, no one had issues moving their chairs in or out, which was my main concern.

After we replaced all the doors in our house with doors from the old house, there were a few left over, and this one ended up here. Three of them had numbers, which I had taken off when I restored the finish. I decided to put the 2 back on this door, and will have to remember to ask my dad why these doors had numbers:-) I thought it was ironic because adding numbers to everything is so trendy these days.

I also took the drop cloth skirts off the two end chairs in order to see more of the rug.

As this space came together, I did have a vision in mind, but the end result really has a "not-so-in-your-face" Boho vibe simply because of how all the elements work together -- the mid-century painting, Native American art, kilim pillows and runner, plants and the textures of wood, iron, brass and organic fabrics. How I arrived here is really a throwback to the mid-century house my grandparents built after dismantling the original Victorian farmhouse here. More of a throwback than I even knew. 

When my parents celebrated their 55th anniversary this month, I took a closer look at this photo made in my grandparents' house, and suddenly everything became clear. Besides my handsome parents, not only is the wall layout similar to mine leading into a hallway, but the painting is the same. Of course, I have a different cuckoo clock and antlers, but it made me smile to see the similarities. I even have the lamp in my living area, and at the bottom left of the photo is the foot of the chaise lounge I showed yesterday. It is essentially this freedom to mix and match styles, like my grandmother did, that makes Bohemian style so appealing to me. I have learned that vintage and antique need to be balanced with something new so the look is not, well -- old or tired. And that eclectic mix is what I love so much.

I have a feeling my grandmother would approve of my dining room:-)

*Berber Moroccan rug from RugsUSA
*pink kilim pillow from Kilim Pillow Store

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  1. Your grandmother(s) would both love it. I surely do. It's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Mom! I sure would love to have them both here:-)

  • Happy 55th Anniversary to your parents! Your home reflects your travels, family heirlooms, and your flair. All together, warmth and timeless.
    Kathleen in Az
    Also the colors of the textiles brightness up the wood in the room.

    1. Thanks Kathleen:-) Yes, I feel like the dark wood needs light and I like the contrast.

  • Beautiful & refreshing! What a blessing that the picture of your parents shows your following in similar footsteps as your grandmother. I'm sure she's proud of what you are doing with the family treasures.

    1. It's crazy isn't it Krista?:-) I sure miss my grandparents and these things make me feel closer to them:-)

  • Mary K.- The Boondocks BlogMarch 6, 2016 at 2:00 AM

    Isn't it amazing how we always go back in time for inspiration. Was it a conincidence or serendipity? I love your rooom, it is full of so much warmth and charm. All the pieces have come together beautifully!

    1. Yes, it's funny how that works! Thanks for stopping by:-)


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