Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Turkish rugs and a Christmas sneak peek...

Quite honestly, I am just a little obsessed with Turkish rugs and kilim pillow covers. But then, you all know that. So when I got the email from Unique Rug Store and Kilim Pillow Store about sponsorship, I jumped all over the opportunity. 

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Of course, the hard part was choosing. Really, with my lack of a budget, this was a once in a lifetime chance to get an authentic overdyed or kilim rug of my choice, so I wanted to make the right decision. It was excruciating. I just could not decide. 

 There are so many amazing rugs, from kilims and overdyed rugs to patchwork and cowhide rugs.

I almost got a 9 x 11 hot pink overdyed rug, but after changing my mind at least four times, they gave me the option of two smaller rugs, so I chose this fuchsia 6 x 9 vintage rug as well as a neutral cream rug I'll share later, and two kilim pillow covers.

This was definitely the perfect choice. It is gorgeous, seriously gorgeous. There are enough color variations that I can used pinks, reds and plums with this rug and enjoy some versatility for a while. It really is exquisite, and you can definitely tell the difference between this one and the pink machine-made rugs I had before. 

At 6'4" x 9'6" it really is a generous size and large enough to fit the furniture arrangement I have, but I left the jute 8 x 12 underneath for a little extra width, which works nicely and gives it some padding. I have my rugpadusa pad underneath, and you definitely need a good rug pad for this style rug. 

The rugs and two kilim pillow covers were shipped UPS and arrived in just a few days--much faster than anything I have shipped stateside, and the rep I dealt with just couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating. I just wish I had found Unique Rug Store and Kilim Pillow Store two months ago. I like dealing directly with vendors because there are better deals to be had, so I highly recommend shopping both these stores for gorgeous rugs, pillow covers and a good deal. 

They still have some cyber Monday deals going on, so check out the site for yourself and see what I'm gushing about:-) 

I'll share the other rug I got and pillow covers later this week. In the meantime, here is another little sneak peek of the Christmas decor I am still working on:-)

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*Unique Rug Store provided the product, and all opinions are mine.


  1. Simply Eastern gorgeous! You really got me seeing Pink in a whole different way, Bravo! Looking forward to see your Christmas in the woods, with an Eastern look to it! Kathleen in Az

    1. Thanks Kathleen!! I guess it's a good reference to the whole wise men/middle east part of Christmas:-)