Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Adding Fall color to a cabinet full of neutrals

Yesterday I showed y'all my corner cabinet all styled with shades of white, silver and vanilla-strawberry hydrangeas.  I also mentioned that I had decided it needed more color, so here it is:-)

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I started with the iridescent carnival glass borrowed from my mother, which really gave me that pop of autumn orange, but in a more fun way than the usual fall fare. Iridescent carnival glass is pretty hot right now according to Country Living Magazine, so that was a trend I could go for. It helped that my mother had plenty of it! 

I then felt that I needed to put back in some blue and white to tie it all in with the rest of my decor, and that got it right where I wanted it to be.

I arranged these vignettes mostly in thirds across the shelves so they would work just as well and still be interesting when the doors are closed and divided down the middle.

I almost didn't take the little "Prince Matchabelli" perfume bottle when my mom offered it to me, but this was the perfect spot for it. 

...and the bowl. Sigh. I could just stare at that forever. 

The little blue and white Japanese tea cups were perfect to add here and there, and because they don't have handles, they blend in without screaming, "I'm a tea cup!" I wanted to vary the shapes.

I bought some of these pieces of carnival glass in the late 1980s for my mom, and this is the first time I have ever borrowed it. I'm so happy to see it out and brightening up my space.

I love how the cabinet turned out with the addition of the carnival glass and blue and white accents.

I almost hate to leave it closed, but closed it will be as that is the reason we put doors on in the first place:-)

So there you have look number 2 for this cabinet and the way it will stay -- until I dream up something else in my head. I will say that starting with a neutral base always allows you so much flexibility in adding your own personal touch and doesn't take a lot to change the entire look when you want something different. My kind of decorating. 

Thanks for stopping by:-)

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  1. Neutral as the base with pops of colors. Very beautiful cabinet, love the change. I have a small orange carnival glass bowl. Mmmm I think it'll make an appearance, you've got me thinking! Kathleen in Az

  2. Shirley@Housepitality DesignsSeptember 9, 2015 at 4:35 PM

    I am trying to think of how I wanted to dress my hutch for Fall this year...You have inspired me to use the vibrant colors among the white!...Love the combination of the neutrals and the addition of silver and the wonderful pink tones!

  3. I love the carnival glass! My grandmother has an impressive collection that she has promised to me, seeing you use it in such a different and fun way makes me excited to use it in my home one day :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. You have a great eye for color and detail, Anita. Your hutch is simply beautiful. I've never heard of carnival glass so this is so interesting to learn from you! Your mother is so gracious!

    Happy Fall decorating! :)

    Jane x

  5. I have that same carnival glass bowl on my mantle. I love the colors, it always reminds me of fall.

  6. Just gorgeous Anita !!! You have a way of making beautiful things shine and what a photographer !

  7. Anita, your styling on the shelves is charming. I like the mix of white ironstone, milk glass, silver, and the touch of blue and white. All that goodness among the books equals beauty for me. ;-)

  8. Forgot to add in the carnival glass. That's a great touch for fall. I had pieces from my mother, but have recently passed them along to one of my nieces. She appreciates them and uses them on her shelves, so that makes me happy. '-)