Sunday, October 25, 2009

Southern Charm...

I wanted to show not a "before and after" of my living area. I tend to change things around a lot. We moved into this house new and started with plain white walls. We added one set of french doors and hardwood floors. We based everything on neutral furnishings that we can accessorize with many different styles. We have traveled a lot, and I think I've gotten something in every country I've been! We love Spanish/Mediterranean, Cuban Colonial and Southern traditional. Really! How do we put that all together? We just keep changing things until it works:-)
Here are the same basic furnishings with different accessories, which make for a little different style with each change.

(ABOVE) This is the living room now. I really wanted to add some "southern" style as I had inherited some wonderful furniture and art from a dear relative who was a true southern belle from South Carolina. She also traveled extensively and brought many treasures from China.  I love these prints above the piano. They are from China in the mid 1940s.  The rug I bought in Turkey and find that it goes with everything!

(ABOVE) This is kind of the midpoint of this room. We were using more of our Spanish accessories.

(ABOVE) Here is where we started from after moving in...our "before."

(BELOW) Looking the other direction...before.

(BELOW) How it is now...

(BELOW) This fabulous buffet is an inherited piece which I have fallen in love with. We first accessorized it with this Belgian tapestry, antique Chinese brass bowl, and wrought iron candle holder from Turkey.  I bought two of those on different trips to the same store in Adana, and they were a whopping $25!!

(BELOW) And now with vintage print, photos of family members and one of my favorite things--my grandfather's "Shakespeare's Complete Works" from 1911.

(BELOW) The print on the far wall was hanging in my grandmother's basement! It is called "Child of the Campagna" by Guido Bach.

(BELOW) I love blue and white, so on a trip to Japan, I brought back as much as I could carry! This blue willow plate is one of my favorite because it's just a little different from the others I have.

(BELOW) Before I got the sideboard, I had this china cabinet on that wall filled with more blue and white, Mexican Talavera, hand-painted plates from Turkey, espresso set from Italy, pottery from Germany. What I love is that it all goes together. But, I loved the sideboard so much this went into the hallway for now. This cabinet was $140 at a thrift shop. I had mirror cut for the back and changed the shelves to glass.

(BELOW) Looking the other direction before...

(BELOW) and after...

See the little brass table by the chair? That was also inherited. No one wanted it so
I cleaned it up and found the perfect spot!

(BELOW) Here is a closer look at the Chinese art. It just worked so well in this corner... dad and I made this table from a North Carolina wagon wheel and a rim from Montana.  Always adding something old that has meaning, I placed a copy of my grandfather's french study book, "Sand's La Mare Au Diable" from 1916.

I hope you have enjoyed the metamorphosis of our living room! We love to use old with new and blend newfound things with family treasures. It's all about creating a space that we can enjoy and feel at home!

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  1. Such a pretty room. I love your buffet and that cabinet that you made so elegant ! I can just hear the piano lovely !

  2. Rita Kent at TesoroFino.ComOctober 26, 2009 at 5:21 AM

    The room looks so much warmer and richer. It all looks so cozy and inviting...just what a family room should feel.

    When visiting my post, be sure to click on the "Follow" button if you like what you see. This way we can share one anothers creativity!

  3. You have a beautiful home, Anita & I love your eclectic mix!
    I think the long sofa looks so much better where you have it now...sort of defines the space between the dining room & opens up the area near the door. Good thinking!!

    ♥ Rettabug

  4. The Quintessential MagpieOctober 26, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    I like what you did. The befores were all good, but in the afters, I sense more warmth. I think you've done a wonderful job, Anita. Hats off!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Nancy @ La Chambre RoseOctober 26, 2009 at 8:08 PM

    It is all so warm, but I love the things on the coffee table. I have such a difficult time doing the coffee table.

  6. Anita, your home is so warm and cozy. I love all the warm colors and you have such great family heirlooms to treasure.
    I also just uploaded some pics on rms since it is raining yet again and I am bored....Kim

  7. I think it is so much fun to do what you have done. I do that a lot to--it makes the room feel like a different one. Plus you get to enjoy the different things you have in your home when you change out things!

  8. I love all the stories you told to your family pieces, I am the same way with sentimental things that have been given to me. As you know my husband and I are antique freaks, we just have ran out of space at this point, or I would keep going........your home is just beautiful!!!! It is even prettier on your blog!!!!!!